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Joshua's Place is being built for persons like Andy, above, who is 50 years old, shown here with his mother making applesauce . He is typical of persons with a disability who will outlive their parents.

Homes For The Developmentally Disabled
Lansing, Michigann
Joshua's Place

A residential home being planned for developmentally disabled residents to live as independently as possible in a nourishing environment where supportive services are provided.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15


Raingarden start. At least a hundred trash tree stumps had to be dug out & buried.

Deep hole for the stumps, concrete, and road fill. Notice the deep layer of black dirt on the left, ideal for growing rain garden plants.

Rough finish of the rain garden through the generosity of AIS Construction Equipment, Lansing, Mi..Grass, flowering shrubs, fall colored trees, & perrenial beds consistent with a rain garden will be planted come

The First Construction Steps Now Taken
The Raingarden is an important required step in site development to divert storm water to seep underground before going to the river. It is one of the first construction steps.Next will come the foundation and basement. We will need your donation for the next step of putting in the footings & basement

A residence for independent living should have provision for outdoor activities. And so we will. The 4.89 acres at Joshua's Place lends itself to outdoor activities of all kinds as illustrated below.


Watch The Deer

Bird Feeding

Basketball Hoop

The photos below illustrate the quality of rooms being planned for Joshua's Place.With the storm run off - raingarden project wrapping up through the generosity of our friends, the next project will be the foundation and basement. We hope you will help.


Bedrooms are planned to be generous
in size & comfort

The dining room will be a part of the Great Room. Residents will help prepare the food under watchful eyes of the cook.

The great room will be where residents mingle with friends and visitors.Special events will take place here also.



Interior & exterior views

Board Members


Community Resources

501(c)(3) approval

Michigan Fund Raising Approval





Special Land Use Permit

The Building Site